• On submitting registration please click on link in confirmation email received from Dilmilgaya to get your profile automatically approved. Your profile will not get approved if you do not follow this step.

• Members can do a keyword search & type the Member ID or profile name in the search field to find the profile they are looking for.

• Members please login & update your match alert preferences & partner preferences to receive more relevant matches.

• Members can login & select the option to reveal their contact details to paid members. By default it is set at 'Do not show'.

• Paid Members are featured on spotlight profiles.

• Upload your recent photos on your profile to receive more interests. Photo can be protected with password.


1. Why register at Dil Mil Gaya.com? What are the benefits that are free?

We have a host of benefits to offer once you register at Dilmilgaya.com they are as follows:

• Free registration

• Post personal profile

• Upload & crop photo

• Upload cover photo

• Modify profile

• Delete profile

• Conduct partner search

• Match alerts

• View brief member profiles

• View online members

• View members who have viewed your profile

• View the profiles you have viewed

• Accept/Reject expressed interest from others

• Blocklist members

• Shortlist members

• Like members

• Unlike members

• Upload horoscope

• Upload video

• Upload ID proof

• Auto Matches

• Online chat if invited by paid member


2. How do I create my profile?

Click on the link 'Register Now' on home page. The form to create your profile will be displayed. Give all the necessary as well as optional details asked in the form. Submit by clicking on the bottom Register button.

After you submit your brief information, additional details can be completed in the form that is displayed ensuring that all mandatory fields are completed. After submission your profile will be automatically created and you shall use your User Name (email address) for future references. All the profiles are validated before inclusion in the database. It may take 24 to 48 hours for the validation. A confirmation link will be sent to you for verification of your contact details. Please click on the link in your email to complete the verification process. An E-mail would be sent to you once the profile is activated. The profiles are validated for statutory regulations of the site to avoid pornography and various other factors and to have uniformity in the database. The profiles that contain any or all of the following will be deemed as invalid and will not be activated.

• Unsuitable sexual or abusive language. 
• URLS or skype id's 
• Advertisements of any kind. 
• Applicants under the age of 18.  


3. How can I attach my photograph with my profile and is it neccessary?

A photo is worth a 1000 words. It increases responses by 10 times. Most members and visitors at Dil Milgaya.com conduct searches for profiles with photographs. Your chances of being picked are thus reduced greatly if your photo is not attached with your profile. Besides, the procedure of attaching a photograph is not difficult at all. We ask you to upload your photograph after your profile is created & approved. You can only upload a digital photograph. Select tab ‘Profile’ from the drop down box in your Dilmilgaya account, then you will see ‘upload photo’ tab and ‘upload cover photo’ tabs. Click on tab ‘upload image’ and select the browse button for the location at which you have saved your photograph and the file name you have saved it under and simply attach it. Your task will be accomplished. You can also crop your photo after uploading, by clicking on your photo & adjusting the crop window to show just your face etc. You can hide the photo from public viewing and make it visible to paid members only.


4. Do you retain the confidentiality of my contact information?

Yes, your contact information is kept confidential for privacy reasons otherwise you might get flooded with emails from unwanted members. However, if you want to disclose your contact information to any paid member, you can do so by selecting to show your contact details without any express interest from paid members. By default the option to show your contact details is set to 'Do not show' unless express interest is accepted so unless you tick the option to reveal your contact details they won't be revealed so after you create your profile, please select & tick the right option in your logged-in account about revealing contact details to paid members without express interest, to avoid privacy issues. You can also block members from contacting you.


5. Can I change my Email ID / Username / password later?

You can change the password. The username & email address is verified so you cannot change it. We provide you with a personalized folder at Dilmilgaya.com to equip you with the ease of performing any common task of this sort. Just sign in to your folder using the username (Email ID) and password you entered at the time of registration and then select tab 'Change Password' where you can get the changes reflected at the site immediately.


6. I have forgot my login userid/password. Can you help me?

No problem! Just click on 'Forgot Password' on homepage, enter your login email address and a temporary password will be automatically emailed to you within 5 min or less.


7. How can I update my profile, with the latest information?

We provide you with a personalized section at the site where you can perform some common tasks related to your profile, including updating your profile. Login to your folder and select the 'Edit My Profile' option and make the desired changes to your personal details.


8. What are the Profile search options?

Dilmilgaya provides Quick search, Advance search, Keyword search, and ID search which progressively refines the search results in accordance with your criteria to ensure that you end up with finding the ultimate match. Here's how the different searches work:

• Quick Search is the most popular search based on a few important criteria one would look for in a life partner.

• Advanced Search is the most comprehensive search that searches across all profile information. The results of this search will be closer to your expectations.

• Keyword Search helps you find profiles based on keywords. Eg: Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, Ahmedabad, India, Software Eng, etc. 

• ID Search helps you find profiles faster with id search. Eg: DM10

If the results obtained after one step are not satisfying enough, you can jump on to the consecutive levels till you are convinced that the search criteria is refined enough to help you find your true match.


9. Can I send my contact information or Email ID in the 'Personalized Message'?

You are free to compose and send across your own expressions in the Personalized Message, including contact information. The only messages forbidden are the ones containing some disparaging, assaulting or obscene wordings. Please ensure that your message is not containing any objectionable content, as this would lead to termination of your membership with immediate effect.


10. How safe is Credit Card Payment on Dil Mil Gaya.com?

It's very safe. Dilmilgaya is very very secure & is evident from the green padlock in the URL address bar. We make use of EV SSL Technology and the credit card, debit card or bank account information that you enter is transmitted to our high assurance & very very secure PAYPAL Payment Gateway and PayUMoney Payment Gateway with 128 Bit Encryption & EV padlock validation or green bar in the browser, which is one of the most reliable means of conducting security enabled online transactions. In addition, to ensure maximum safety, we don't store your credit card information online, so there's no way it can be hacked.