Black book for Bachelors

Introducing the BLACK BOOK FOR BACHELORS, available on Amazon Australia and Amazon India. Author Santosh Dhemre has done a marvellous job by educating, guiding men and has woven a hilarious spin on some of the delicate intricacies of love and relationships in the dating scene. 

Publishing a couple of chapters here to give you a sneak peak at what's in the book. Please purchase it on Amazon as it's interesting and a good read. 

Usually girls have some preconceived inferior opinion about themselves. Typically, it’s
appearance related. Airbrushed images of supermodels define an unrealistic norm for ‘beautiful’
that is almost unattainable by the average populace. This is where you put your observational skills to test.
So there is this spectacled, seemingly introvert, soberly dressed girl. Look at her. Read that again, it says ‘LOOK’. Do not ‘STARE’. And yes, girls do have eyes at the back of their head. If
you are staring, ogling or mentally undressing her, she will know. If you can see any potential in her being a prospective mate, strike a conversation. Start with a simple, ‘good morning / hello’ and pair it with a nice warm smile. Talk to her. Try and get to
know her. You can start with her star sign.
Linda Goodman has done brilliant and exhaustive research on this topic, going through it will
only help. You don’t have to ‘believe in astrology’; go through it and see if any of the ideas apply. If anything, it makes for interesting conversation. She could be surprised to get your attention. Make sure it’s genuine. Talk to her about what you really like to talk about. Listen without judgement. Don’t critique or make fun of her shortcomings and especially not her appearance. Initiate with passive praises like “nice earrings” as opposed to “you look hot”. All compliments to be focused, neck and above. Once she is comfortable enough to hope that there is no ulterior motive but genuine attentiveness, she will be receptive to most of the things you say.
At this stage, realise you could be looking at a potential life partner. Women can transform
themselves appearance-wise if they set their mind to it. In one lifetime the girl can go through several makeovers, subject to her drive to look different. You could be stunned with the results. Take her shopping. Gift her a spa treatment. Ask her to get experimental with her hair. Make some effort when choosing accessories for her. And voila! Be ready to be amazed with the change. Sometimes all the girl is looking for is someone to care and be sincerely attracted to
her, as a person. She can and might go through multiple stages of alterations, conditional on
how much of a probable and honest mate you might seem to be. There are some bizarre society standards and typeset definitions of ‘good looking’. Dark and
dusky skin tones, curly tresses, big boned, bespectacled, skinny framed, are some of the
archetypal ignored examples. This is where you could find your diamond, waiting to be
handpicked. In reality, even the most attractive looking have uncertainties about themselves. The dusky
one wants to be fair, the fair want to get tanned, the slim want to be tall, the skinny want curves,
the voluptuous want to be size zero and all of them want straight smooth silky hair. Do the math.


If the girl goes out a couple of times with you, does not make her yours. You enjoy no such privileges for being a male. Get that crystal clear in your head.

At no point in time is she under any obligation to go out with you again. There could be a multitude of reasons for her not to. Even if you are in a committed relationship, letting you knowor giving you an explanation is her prerogative.

It is DNA programming that makes the female species seek an alpha male. This predisposed phase of life could well be enjoyed, is her rationale. She might imagine married life to be a long arduous affair, especially if it’s an Indian arranged marriage. Also, the girl could be a target of over-protective families, a patriarchal society system and hypocritical moral police amongst the many hitches. She could be making hay, while the sun shines, given the fact that she might have around five years or less of this unbridled independence.

With this proposition, her moving on to another man should be taken with a pinch of salt. To react likewise and move on. Try and make it as amiable as possible. Under no circumstance should you bad mouth about her to anyone, anywhere, ever. Remember, this is cardinal sin. 

Sometimes respecting her decision and handling the situation with maturity could be instrumental in altering her feelings towards you. Subject to how much time she has spent with you and the extent of her comfort factor, you are privy to her private life and personality, which others are not. At no point of time in your life should you debase yourself by using any of that information against her.If you do. You might as well have signed your death warrant. And a very slow torturous one.

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is not just a phrase. Ultimately, sooner or later, she will know about your comments and get really freaking mad. Don’t try to figure out how your bitter remarks found their way to her. Accept the fact that the world is round. And one way or another, she will find out. All the ugly things you might have publicised, albeit while inebriated or in semi-consciousness. And she will find ways to make your life on this earth into one big living hell.

Her star sign could play an important factor in determining the degree of damage she can inflict on you. One could be clueless about the cause for unexpectedly having their life turn into chaos. We are not talking about voodoo dolls or occult rituals. The female ‘vibe’ has powerswhich are beyond conventional knowledge or scientific explanation. Don’t mess with them. Simple.


  14th July, 2023